Please find attached my resume and cover letter for consideration for the Assistant Coordinator of special projects posting. Kind thanks, Marco M. Muller

The following blog was written by Marco Muller, Artspace summer intern 2017


Please find attached my resume and cover letter for consideration for the Assistant Coordinator of Special Projects posting.


Kind thanks,


Marco M. Muller


It was early May when my brother, Clay, shared the link to Artspace’s summer job posting in his timeline. That position was Assistant Coordinator of Special Projects. After reading the job requirements, I quickly learned that I was an ideal fit the position. Knowing this, I emailed one of the professors I had earlier in the term. I requested his permission to use him as a reference, not only because I felt it may help me stand out from the other applicants, but because he is an award-winning internationally-known artist (as I may aspire to be). Upon his approval, I submitted an updated resume accompanied with a cover letter. That following Tuesday, I had received an email about an interview. Going into the interview I went in with a very confident but open mindset. Few days later I had been offered the position and had accepted it. This has led to one of the most productive and professionally promising summers of my life. I’ve made connections and conclusions that will propel me forward.


It’s not surprising that reputations are defining. It is surprising that in one year, hard work, focus, and dedication can redefine your reputation. I’ve always managed to leave the impression of the hard-working labourer when I have had summer jobs, but suddenly, I’m known for my artistic love and works. It’s fascinating to reconnect with authors and artists and have them refer to art-based work or endeavours you’ve been involved in. It’s even more inspiring to connect with other artistic professionals that inspire you reflect on your personal creative goals.


It’s hard to explain the many highlights of this summer due to how many there were. One notable event was a collaboration with my colleague Andrea; together we installed and painted a little free library in the Artspace poster window on the corner of King and Bannatyne. Another instance was getting to work with Winnipeg’s well known and respected graffiti/muralist Pat Lazo, an artist I’ve admired for years now. Personally, I also had the opportunity to experiment with new mediums and large scale drawings which were later showcased—not only to the featured artist of the event—but to the public that attended.


This summer, I’ve not only learned key elements to event planning, but established connections within Winnipeg’s art scene. Moreover, I have had the fortune to do so within an organization that houses all things Art. So much of Winnipeg’s iconic art scene resides there. I’m especially humbled to have had experience during the 30th anniversary celebration of a building/group that houses so much local talent and passion.


Working for Artspace has been an incredibly uplifting and beneficial experience. I have not only met a variety of creative professionals, but I’ve learned so much about the beyond-the-Art elements of the career. I developed a variety of skills from these experiences: communication, promotion, organization, management, and above all the unity that comes from artistic expression.

Being a part of planning Lost In Artsp_ce has showed me how Art brings out the connectedness of so many people from different career paths. Each path being its own art form, from the art of cocktail mixing, culinary arts, music, literary and visual, etc. I am truly amazed with how much can be accomplished with when people work together! Art is literally all around us, it’s anything and everything.


This summer was an incredible learning experience.



Marco M. Muller.


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