Lost in Artspace

CANCELLED (due to covid-19)

Lost in Artspace – finding ourselves through art

Like most art and most art events, we spent time figuring out what we wanted to say, how we wanted to say it, and to whom, before we launched anything. We knew the virtues of art. We knew the privilege of managing The Gault Building (aka Artspace), a crown jewel of the historic Exchange District, offered up to the creators of Winnipeg. As such we designed Lost in Artspace to be full building experience showcasing a wide breadth of art experiences. We designed it to have as many partners as possible. And oh boy… did we find some great partners.

This is why it is with a heavy, yet full heart that I write this e-mail. Covid-19 has flipped a lot of realities on its head. Society is engaged in ever changing ways of doing things so that we are addressing this pandemic with all the seriousness it is owed. Having said that, Covid-19 has not flipped on its head our values, our core beliefs. It might in fact be solidifying them. As we all try to find meaning in life, as we try to find moments to laugh, to cry, to hope… we turn to art. Art is sooo tied to our spirit, capable of resonating deep within us, but also on our instincts. Art is about the artist, but also its audience. Art is about the artist, but also its community. We are tied to community. As such, we made the difficult decision to cancel Lost in Artspace for 2020. Even though it was a difficult decision to make, it was also an easy one. It’s the only one we can make in respect to artists, in respect to the audience, in respect to our partners.

Speaking of… I want to list everyone who stepped up to contribute to Lost in Artspace. No arm twisting involved. Its people who got it and wanted to be a part of it. That is so humbling. Yet not surprising, because they are stellar people, organizations and businesses. They too will need our support… and we shall be there for them, as they we’re there for us when we asked. So consider checking them out… follow them on Instagram, ordering from them, going to their events… remember their names when you seek out people like them or services they offer. It’s a long list so, please scroll to the end of this message to take the time to note them.

But I wanted to ad… our core understanding of who Artspace is has not been cancelled. We will continue to seek opportunities to utilize the great asset that has been bestowed to us. We will seek ways to put the building to use for its creatives and for the community. For a while, that is making it a safe work environment for Publishers, visual artists, luthiers, and all the other wonderful people who work from Artspace. If you we’re considering coming to Lost in Artspace as a way of supporting this cultural hub, please consider doing so by making a donation to Artspace through Canada Helps (https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/id/13304/). We run all our services at cost so that we may serve the 45 + art orgs the best way we can.

But! And this is a big but. There will come a time where we are not in an emergency state. We will not be in a pandemic state. And at that time… we will find ways of inviting you to Artspace… to experience art with us… with our partners. This might be pop up suppers in our Drayway, First Friday special art events, or whatever other creative ideas we come up with… or someone proposes to us! As we will utilize Artspace to its full potential. And we want you to be a part of it. So, in many ways, nothing is cancelled. It is simply put off to a time where the variables allow us to fully activate both art and space.

And now… that list of fabulousness I was talking about.

Johnston Group Presenting sponsor
Caisse Group Financial Room sponsor
TD Bank Room sponsor
HTFC Design & Planning Room sponsor
Urbanink Graphic designers
Barn Hammer Brewing Official beer partner
East India Company Food partner
King & Bannatyne Food partner
Winnipeg Folk Festival art sponsor
Current Festival art sponsor
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre art sponsor
Diamond Gallery art sponsor
Travel Manitoba art sponsor
Scatliff & Miller & Murray art sponsor
Lights Unlimited Set design partner
Creating a Scene Set design partner
Video Pool Media Arts Centre Programming partner
Winnipeg Film Group Programming partner
Manitoba Association of Playwrights Programming partner
Winnipeg International Writers Festival Programming partner

Matae Radic Visual artist
Dj Lou Music artist
Kieran Vandale Visual artist
Jérémie and the Delicious Hounds Musicians
Young Lungs Dancers
Manitoba Underground Opera Operatic performers

Andrea Burgoyne organizer
Evan Sinclair organizer
Ari Weinberg organizer
Bo Dyck organizer / photographer
Elizabeth Parsons organizer
Mahri White organizer / visual artist

Art is the highest form of hope.
-Gerhard Ritcher

Pat Lazo @Lost in Artspace 2017