Artspace is hiring a Special Projects Associate (summer 2019)

Job description: The Special Projects Associate (SPA) will come up with and execute an artistic project of their own creation in order to boost the artistic nature of the building. The SPA will be expected to pitch the project to the Executive Director and be able to deliver it within the hours allotted, combined with other tasks assigned.

During the summer months, Artspace partners with a variety of special events, whether it be large festivals like the Fringe Festival or indie film shoots in the building. The SPA will work with event coordinators and artists to ensure successful partnerships in these events.

The Special Projects Associate will report and work with the Executive Director on the tasks assigned.

Desired skills: visual art practice, understanding of visual arts, creativity, organization, experience in event planning, social media savvy, flexible, resourceful, capacity to work independently, capacity to work with others.

Artspace encourages all interested candidates to apply. We value diversity as well as bilingualism, thus, applicants are encouraged to self-identify if they are member of a minority community and/or if they are bilingual (French and English).

Conditions: This position is made available through the Canada Summer Works program; as such, eligible candidates must be 30 years old or younger. The position is a term contract of 280 hours, which must be worked between June and August 2019. The rate of pay is $13/h.

Please send a resume and a letter of interest to Eric Plamondon, Executive Director, by e-mail:
or by mail:
425-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1H3

Application deadline: Thursday May 16th 2019

For any questions, please contact us at 204.947.0984