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Pourquoi entamer une résidence artistique? Pour plusieurs, c’est en raison d’un projet concret à développer, car une résidence d’artiste offre un lieu, une période de temps et des ressources pour voir à l’aboutissement de ce projet. Mais, faut-il toujours avoir un projet concret en chantier pour entamer une résidence d’artiste? Ou suffit-il d’être dévoué envers […]

Hiring New Staff Part 1: How do you Pay Them?

Our Program Manager,  Cheryl Miki, details the process of paying new staff in this first post in a three-part series exploring the hiring of new staff . Hiring New Staff Part 1: How do you Pay Them? So you’ve decided to hire someone. Yay, new blood for the organization! In the non-profit community, where small […]

How to Read Financial Statements Part 2: Complex Profit and Loss

This blog post is part 2 in a 3 part series exploring financial statements. For part 1, click here How to Read Financial Statements (Part 2 – Complex Profit & Loss) If you’re just joining us, we’re all sitting at board meeting going over the latest financial statements that were just handed out by […]


Fish, Rooftops and Alleyways: One Year at Artspace…

The following blog post is written by Dylan Jones, who is the administrative assistant at Artspace. You can find Dylan stocking the Little Library, guiding guests to the rooftop, or trying to load envelopes into the copier tray, poorly. Roughly, let’s say, a year ago, I typed a blog post, reflecting on my first few […]

How to Read Financial Statements Part 1: Basic Profit & Loss

This is the first blog post in a three part series exploring financial statements. Cheryl Miki is the program manager at Artspace and heads the Arts Management Program. So you’re at the board meeting of your favourite organization and the treasurer passes around a copy of the latest financial statements. Everyone gives them a respectable […]