OUR ARTSPACE(S) is a collection of visual and written works created by members of Manitoba’s arts community during the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing this unique time in our history and forging it into a keepsake memento in the form of a book.

COVID-19 has imposed many challenges on art organizations, including financial challenges. We launched this important fundraiser as a community building exercise that will allow us to address the financial challenges we are facing. We are now turning to you for your support so that we can continue to support the forty-five arts organizations we currently assist.

At a presale cost of only $40.00, you will not only be purchasing a unique memento of these strange times, but you will also be helping to ensure that Artspace can continue serving the community by supporting local artists and arts organizations.

This is an Artspace Inc project, made possible with the generous support from the Johnston Group.  



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Books to be received in early Fall 2020