A Warm Pair of Fundraisers!

Artspace Inc. is a cultural hub in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. By providing below-market rental rates to tenants as well as shared administrative services, Artspace plays a vital role in the health of valuable art organizations and the surrounding community. 

Part of the reason we are able to exist this way is made possible by donors like you! 

Artspace releases annual fundraising campaigns that allow us to continue with this work, and 2022 is no different! We are pleased to release a campaign that can celebrate donations at various price-points. As an added bonus, we have attached some special offerings with certain donations.

By donating $50, you will receive a $25 charitable tax receipt and a pair of Artspace Socks, designed by local Artist, and Friend of Artspace, Emma Stevens! 

By donating $150, you will receive a $85 charitable tax receipt, two pairs of Artspace Socks designed by Emma Stevens, and an Artspace Apron, decorated with a silkscreen artwork by Tamiko Chase Kavanagh.

10% of all donations made to Artspace during this campaign will be used to purchase socks for Main Street Project. Find out more about Main Street Project on their website: https://www.mainstreetproject.ca/ 

As always, we appreciate every donation, and will issue charitable tax receipts for the eligible portion of your donations made at different values. 

The above listed gifts will be available for pick-up at Artspace Inc. 100 Arthur St. Winnipeg MB. R3B 1H3. For donors living outside of Winnipeg or facing mobility barriers, special arrangements can be made. An Artspace staff will contact you after donation to say THANK YOU, and see if you require special delivery.

Donate Here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/artspace-inc/events/awarmpair/