BlackMoon for FullArtspace – year end campaign

Artspace is releasing a limited silk-screened series of Paul Robles BlackMoon-NestsAndDens for its year end donation campaign. The first 100 donations of $225 or more will secure you one of only 100 of these art pieces, plus a $200 charitable donation tax receipt, and more importantly the capacity to say you've ensured that Artspace continues to be full of creative forces for another year! We also welcome donations of every size... as every contribution helps. Our reality is that we need to raise $25,000 to be able to continue to support over forty art organizations throughout Manitoba, so that they in turn can serve there membership and have a rich art offering that reaches every corner of the Province and beyond. So please consider donating $25, $50, $100 or $225. Donations of $100-$224 will receive a white ceramic campfire mug with the printed image of NestsAndDens.
19.10% Raised
$4,775 donated of $25,000 goal
27 Donors
Campaign has ended

NestsAndDens – BlackMoons for FullArtspace

For three decades, Artspace has served our community as a safe and accessible space for Manitoba’s artistic soul. We want to ensure that Artspace remains a bold and audacious project fostering stability in smaller and mid-sized art organizations. Our commitment to them remains so that they may democratize their art offerings.

Our justifiable pride in the success of Artspace is shared by the community at large. It is attributable to the fact that we are found in the centre of Winnipeg’s Exchange District. But if Artspace remains an influential presence in the lives of our creative community, it’s more than that.

Collectively, the arts organizations and artists working within Artspace create an empowering atmosphere. As the creative community continues to thrive in Manitoba, your support ensures that Artspace plays an important support role across all artistic disciplines. Together we can ensure that a strong arts sector leaves an important impact on the social capital and economic realities of the Province.

By nurturing our cultural soul in Manitoba’s arts sector, Artspace continues to reach Manitobans in every community, well beyond our walls, well beyond the Exchange District. But having a space to work from is vital.

As well through your support, interesting things happen when creative beings exist in close proximity to one another. The collaborative forces that exist at Artspace are undeniable. To flip into a metaphor, one could invoke the unlikely beauty of birds hanging out with foxes in a blended bird’s nest or fox den, where each remain distinct, but interwoven.

This is reflected in our choice of Paul Robles art piece as a fitting benefit for Artspace donors like you. A copy of the Paul Robles silkscreened art print will be sent to you, along with your tax deductible contribution, should you donate 225$. This is a limited edition… only 100 available!

Artspace is a reflection of your community, where a dedicated group of cultural workers ensures that creativity has a solid foundation upon which to explore, innovate and grow. Their art that reaches you, inspires you, speaks to you, speaks with you! And we need you. Together we are all part of Manitoba’s vibrant cultural community.

As an audience to art offerings, maybe as a creator yourself, but also as an ally. We are a bit of symbiotic experts as the relationship between Artspace and art organizations utilizing our services, is a deeply symbiotic relationship. Our programs provide administrative support, guidance, a collective voice for the creative community and a physical hub for the community at large. For their part, the strength of member artists and arts organizations lay in making art and allowing it to reach you. By joining the annual campaign you can directly support the artists and arts organizations that call Artspace home.

Our goal is to raise twenty five thousand dollars through our year end campaign. This ensures a full Artpsace, as we support over forty art organizations through out Manitoba.

To prove our commitment that financial contributions are linked to the creation of local art… we’ve linked the two in a literal way. The first 100 donations of $225 or more will received a limited print by Winnipeg’s talented visual artists Paul Robles. Having said that, we appreciate all contributions of every size. Thus donations of $100-$224 will receive a white ceramic mug with the image of NestsAndDens. But all amounts are welcomed! Each will be received with the same appreciation, the same respect and with charitable tax receipt.

Respond today, but definitely before December 31st for a 2018 tax receipt.

BONUS: all individuals donating before midnight on December 31st are eligible for a draw of a 200$ gift certificate for Banville and Jones provided by GFL Environmental.