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If you made it to this page, it's because you're considering donating to Artspace, and for that we are very grateful. We made it to 30 years old! But we want to make it to 100. For that, we need your help.
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You believe in the power of art to change individuals and to change communities, and so do we. Just like you, we have seen it, we have experienced it, and because there are so many artists under one roof, on a daily basis.

A bold gift 30 years ago, gave a safe, secure and long-term home to arts organizations and artists. A 100 year loan of the Gault Building (now known as Artspace), the Grande Dame of the Exchange District, has been a gift put to good use: home to 3 galleries presenting 20 shows per year, a cinema presenting films 5 nights a week, most of which wouldn’t be presented in Winnipeg if the Cinémathèque didn’t exist, a dozen artist studios permitting works on canvas, sculptures and sound pieces to come to life, writing studios flowing out works of fiction, poetry, and beautiful narratives, production centers for filmmakers as experienced as Deco Dawson, or up and comers like Madison Thomas, or new refugees simply seeking to have a voice, dark rooms for photographers, a media arts centre, book publishers, magazines, print makers, luthers, and things that we might not even be aware happening on 6 floors and 50,000 square feet.

A bold gift that has had even bolder results!

Now we need a gift of a different kind. We are asking you to donate, to give, so that we may sustain the presence of 20 art organizations and its creative members to continue to have a home in the heart of the Exchange District. Now more than ever, we must support their creative capacity, by giving them a space to work and a space to present.

A generous gift that will have generous results!



the campaign closes at midnight on December 31st 2017


Artspace offers help and support without taking into account size; small, medium and larger art organizations are part of our community. Similarly, we welcome donations of any size:

  • Donations of $20 to $99 we will show our gratitude with a heartfelt thank you on our website, and send you a charitable tax receipt for the full amount donated.
  • For donations of $100 we will send you an art print specifically created for this donation campaign, a heartfelt thanks posted on our website, and a charitable tax receipt for $75 ($25 deducted for the art print).
  • For donations above $100… you’re tops! We will show our gratitude with a top level thank you on our website, you will receive an art print, we will send you a charitable tax receipt (less $25 deducted for the art print) and you can come take a tour of our rooftop (offered by our Executive Director).

NB: should you want the donation to remain anonymous, please let us know, and we will gladly respect such a request.

About the art print (as seen above)

This specially created art print (10×10) will be sent to you within a month of the closure of this campaign.
Request to receive them earlier are also welcomed.

About the artist: Carl Justin Shura

As a graphic designer and illustrator in the heritage architecture field, Carl has a unique design experience focused on understanding and communicating the tangible and intangible cultural value of places; and with a special interest in the history and development of type design and lettering, he is regularly involved in projects relating to heritage letterforms, hand-lettered advertising, and the (re)creation of signage and lettering in the built environment. Carl’s illustration work has previously been commissioned by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Reel Pride Film Festival.


Art completes what nature cannot bring to finish. The artist gives us knowledge of nature’s unrealized end.”
– Aristotle




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