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Take this tour of Artspace from your couch!

The days of COVID-19 are turning to weeks, and I find myself in a near-constant state of boredom, dusted with the occasional panic and anxiety. These are times when many of us are turning to art, to lift our spirits, keep our minds occupied, or just to switch things up. Last weekend, my partner and […]


Believing in nvrlnd

Nerverland is the home of Peter Pan. It is a place that only exists if you believe; believing being something that comes easier to non-adults. Believing allows you to create according to what you can think up. This trait is also common in artists, who teach themselves … well,  to believe in themselves and believe in […]


Farewell, Artspace

Photo: Alex Wall. Taken during the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. As I prepare to leave my position as Artspace’s Administrative Assistant, typing away at my desk, countless memories dance through my mind, some pretty great…actually they were all great. If you’ve been reading my blogs, then you know that the majority of these recollections involved enjoying […]


Artspace is hiring an Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant JobDescription:  The Artspace Administrative Assistant reports to the Executive Director and provides general administrative support for the organization. Artspace has a small staff so the position requires identifying issues and taking on diverse tasks to better the overall work environment and operations of the organization. The position’s duties include but are not limited […]

summer art

the following is a blog post written by Mahri White Mahri White installing 100.5 Arthur This summer I was hired by Artspace (aka, Eric), to “mark up” the building as their Special Projects Associate. I was to make art for the space- the artspace!  I tasked myself with two projects over the course of this […]



Pourquoi entamer une résidence artistique? Pour plusieurs, c’est en raison d’un projet concret à développer, car une résidence d’artiste offre un lieu, une période de temps et des ressources pour voir à l’aboutissement de ce projet. Mais, faut-il toujours avoir un projet concret en chantier pour entamer une résidence d’artiste? Ou suffit-il d’être dévoué envers […]

The Artspace sign

Fish, Rooftops and Alleyways: One Year at Artspace…

The following blog post is written by Dylan Jones, who is the administrative assistant at Artspace. You can find Dylan stocking the Little Library, guiding guests to the rooftop, or trying to load envelopes into the copier tray, poorly. Roughly, let’s say, a year ago, I typed a blog post, reflecting on my first few […]


Earn my vote – commit to the arts

Why do you choose to live in Winnipeg? What would make it easy for you to keep choosing it as your home? Or what would make it easier to answer these questions? Election time is rife with debates about priorities, visions, spotlights on problems, or looming crises. Citizens engage in debate and politicians try to […]


What’s a Drayway Anyways?

The following is written by guest blogger and current Drayway Art Lounge volunteer Teresa Horosko. Teresa is a writer and student at the University of Winnipeg in the Honours English program. The next Drayway Art Lounge will take place on Friday July 27th. The grand finale event will be held on September 7th. Recently I’ve […]