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Hiring New Staff Part 1: How do you Pay Them?

Our Program Manager,  Cheryl Miki, details the process of paying new staff in this first post in a three-part series exploring the hiring of new staff . Hiring New Staff Part 1: How do you Pay Them? So you’ve decided to hire someone. Yay, new blood for the organization! In the non-profit community, where small […]

How to Read Financial Statements Part 2: Complex Profit and Loss

This blog post is part 2 in a 3 part series exploring financial statements. For part 1, click here How to Read Financial Statements (Part 2 – Complex Profit & Loss) If you’re just joining us, we’re all sitting at board meeting going over the latest financial statements that were just handed out by […]

How to Read Financial Statements Part 1: Basic Profit & Loss

This is the first blog post in a three part series exploring financial statements. Cheryl Miki is the program manager at Artspace and heads the Arts Management Program. So you’re at the board meeting of your favourite organization and the treasurer passes around a copy of the latest financial statements. Everyone gives them a respectable […]

Charitable Receipting Video

Hey folks, Canada Revenue Agency has done up an info video on how to issue charitable tax receipts, including what is, and is not, eligible. The video is a little slow, and I’m not so keen on the barbie-esque animation, but the information is solid and easy to understand. Videos and recorded webinars for charities […]


Artspace welcomes new Executive Director

Artspace Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Eric Plamondon as its new Executive Director effective November 14, 2016. Eric comes to Artspace as a former Director with La Maison des artistes visuels francophones, Western Canada’s only artist run centre for francophone visual artists, and Executive Director of Les amis des arts visuels du […]

road sign beware of teeter totter

Why is it called a balance sheet?

Remember playing on the teeter-totter when you were a kid? I don’t know about you, but I always ended up stuck in the air, held up by my big brother who would not let me down until I cried, “Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, Let me down!” He’d respond with, “What will you give me?” and […]