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Our trusty Artspace staff post tips, tricks and information for the arts community about building and managing exceptional arts organizations. The information we post is drawn from our experiences working in, and for, the arts over many years. We hope you find the information useful, and if you have a topic you’d like us to look into, let us know and we’ll tap our resources to find an answer.

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1 week ago


Winnipeg's Brad Katona is stepping into the octagon tonight in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter : Undefeated. If (when, wink, wink) successful he would be the first Canadian to win! No small feet considering this is the 27th season of the show.

We'd like to think Artspace was part of his pre-fight preparation as he came to the Artspace Drayway Art Lounge with a close friend, to put up fish, just a week ago! He's nicknamed the Clark Kent of UFC, and we got to know why; he's a nice, charming, approachable, and handsome guy. But we have a feeling he is all man of steal when the glasses come off!

Wishing you success Brad! And feel free to come back to put more fish up, whenever you feel the need to tap into your artistic side. Until then, feel free to make your opponent Jay Cucciniello tap out.
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